Relax & Unwind

Relax & Unwind

There are a handful of extremely stressful jobs out there and although some may fight me on this lets be real – being a student makes the top 10 list. The late nights, early mornings, 3 hour lectures, seminar snobs, deadlines and exam season are only a handful of reason why school can often be the definition of S T R E S S.

For me, dealing with school, work and trying to keep up something resembling an adult-like life can be extremely challenging and every now and then I need to indulge in some much needed Jess time. In case you’re in need of some relaxation, I thought i’d share with you some of my favourite ways to wind down after a stressful day!

  • Unplug from all things tech

We live in an extremely tech-savy society now a days, and while that comes with some serious perks, it can also be super distracting and put a lot of unneeded stress on your brain and eyes. After a long day I like to give myself a little mental break and leave my phone in another room and focusing on myself for an hour or so. Not to mention, giving your brain a break from the screen up to 30 minutes before bedtime helps to catch some zzz’s 

  • Bubbles Pls!

This next one gives me the warm fuzzies. Literally. Baths baths baths!! There really is nothing like lighting some of my fav scented candles and filling my tub with bubbles. Having a nice steamy bath allows me to kick back, close my eyes, and just relax

  • Getting cozy with a good book

I know giving our techie stuff a break can be really hard – i’m really no exception, one of my fav things to do before bed is turn on Netflix and put on an episode of New Girl, but i’ve recently found that reading really helps me to soothe myself. Something about escaping into someone else’s head is super magical and helps me forget about all the stressful crap that I dealt with that day. For a little while it’s like you can be someone else.

  • Sipping on Herbal Tea

This is a really big one for me. One of the first things I told my boyfriend when we started dating was if I ever get upset, give me a cup of tea and i’ll be insta-calm. I’m not kidding, it was one of the first things we ever spoke about – i know. weird. Moving on! Sipping on some tea does absolute wonders for me and really has sooooo many perks other than being like the most calming thing you could possibly do. Depending on the brew, it’s great for your skin, a serious fat burner and is super comforting on a cold day. Needless to say, I have some serious heart eyes for tea.

  • Make your bedroom a sanctuary

It could be your bedroom, your babe-cave, a basement, a living room honestly whatever or wherever you want to spend your relaxation time just fill it up with things you absolutely love. For me it’s fuzzy blankets, a million pillows and vanilla scented candles. Whatever it takes to make your heart warm and fuzzy, do it!

happy sunday loves, remember to be kind to yourself

♥ J

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