Traded in the Snow for the Sun

Traded in the Snow for the Sun

What goes great with spring break? Florida. what goes great with Florida? a bikini. and what goes great with a bikini? Pina Coladas for brekky, obvs!

Last week I took off on a much needed adventure in florida with some of my fav peeps and I wish I was able to take you all along for the ride. 

If it wasn’t already obvious, one of the number one most amazing things about Florida is the beaches! I had the privilege of visiting Siesta Key beach in Sarasota during my vaca and lemme be blunt, you NEEEED to go!! I’m not usually one for huge tourist locations but holy crapola this was the prettiest thing i have ever seen!!! 10/10 recommend!

while the beach was a beauty, a number 1 highlight was definitely taking a sweet little boat ride to the gulf of mexico!! One thing i discovered this week guys is that this city girl LOVES to be on the water!! The gulf was crystal clear and man was it gorgeous.

best part?? the gods were with me that day friends because SOMEHOW I managed to avoid a gnarly sunburn after 5 straight hours in the sun!!! HAYOO

If you ever have the chance to see the sarasota circus, you gotta get your butt there!!

I haven’t been to the circus since I was probably about eight years old, and to be honest I wasn’t too sure about it at first (clowns … definitely not my thing) but after this experience I was 100% ready to run away w the big top!!!

These guys don’t use any animals in their show for animal cruelty reasons, and if that isn’t a reason enough to be impressed the talent was for sure!!!

I was absolutely blown away by these guys, I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, and having to pick my jaw up off the floor every 5 minutes. I know going to the circus doesn’t exactly scream vacation but I just couldn’t make this post without giving them a shout out. I had an absolute blast!!!

Oh look, here’s one of those Pina Coladas I mentioned!

One of the many … many many … many I consumed.

okay friends … call me five … but this was a big one for me. fun fact, i’m one of the biggest Disney nerds out there and I was absolutely off my rocker over visiting Magic Kingdom!!!

Being there with my fav person in the entire world was also a dream come true

Fun fact, I would die to voice a disney princess some day .. but who wouldn’t I guess, right??

all in all, it was an absolutely amazing vacation and to say it was much needed would be an understatement!! I’d love to say I just lazed by the pool all week, but that so isn’t my style. We had so many adventures, and so many laughs and I would do anything to do it all over again!!

♥ J


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