Hello March : Spring Bucket List

Hello March : Spring Bucket List

Hello march, hello spring!!

Okay, so things are still looking pretty white to say the least, but with March comes the hope of spring and lemme tell ya, i’m holding on with all i’ve got! There might still be some snow on the ground but the days are getting longer, the birds are starting to sing again and the girls on campus seem to have busted out the denim jackets so that must mean spring is just around the corner, right?!

Get Organized

I know, I know, i’m starting out pretty boring but this might just be my top priority this spring. I’ll be the first to admit that every year with the warmer weather comes some serious slacking in the school department for me. It’s like my brain catches a glimpse of summer in the far off distance and goes complete break mode – needless to say there aint one single inch of me that’s down to do homework or get organized once spring has arrived. This year i’m hoping to change that with the help of my (enormous) Kate Spade Agenda.

Make My Office Space Fit for a Boss Bi**h

This past year I moved into a little one bedroom with my boyfriend and while there isn’t much space, you better believe I still have my little corner of girly solitude!! I’d love to be able to make my office space into a calm, inspiring corner fit for a Girl Boss.

Picnic Party

So fun fact, I love to watch Zoella and Pointlessblog on youtube. I’ve been watching them since forever and something that really stuck out to me a couple summers ago was the Picnic Garden party Zoe held! How fun !! It would be amaaazing to have some of my friends and family over for a little picnic.

Make Prints of my Fav Memories From Last Year

I was recently looking through old photos from when my brothers and I were little and it hit me, our generation takes a crap ton of pics but how many do we actually keep? i bet the answer is not too many. I know i’ve lost a lot of my pics throughout the year because they took up too much space on my phone and so they got deleted. I’d love to make cute print outs of some of my fav memories from the last year to display around my house or around my desk not just to look back on years from now, but also just to make my heart smile on the daily and to show off my amazing friends!!

Go on an Epic Hike

or even just hike more often! I love the winter and the snow, and maybe winter hiking is something i’d be down for once or twice, but doing it on the daily just isn’t that appealing to me. Now that the weather is getting nicer, i’d love to find an epic trail to hike or somewhere with an amazing view to visit!

Decorate My Patio

With the new apartment came a great balcony with a killer view and i am SO excited to fill it with patio furniture, flowers, and all things PRETTY!!

Dye My Hair

This is something i’ve been talking the big talk about for forever!! I figured it’s about time I actually pop some colour in my hair and spring time seems like the perfect time to try new things!

Try Something New

I haven’t quite figured out exactly what it is i’d like to do, but i’m looking for adventure (as always). I’d love to try something i’ve never done before this spring

As always, thanks for reading babes! I hope wherever you are, things are starting to look a bit more colourful! What’s on your spring bucket list??


♥ J

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