7 Little Things That Make Me Happy

7 Little Things That Make Me Happy

Happy Easter!!

Bunnies and flowers, pastels and most importantly chocolate!! Sorry lemme just say that again ~ CHOCOLATE ~

There’s no doubt about it, easter is one of my fav feel good holidays and i’m beyond happy to finally be with the fam for the long weekend! It’s times like these that really remind me, it’s the little things in life that mean the most!!! So in light of this awesome chocolate filled holiday, I thought i’d take advantage of this amazing mood i’ve been in and share with you guys 7 little things that make me happy !!

Sunrises on the water

This semester i’ve been blessed with having an 8am lecture twice a week – joy. The only thing that makes it worth it is watching the sun rise above the canal that I drive past every morning. Seeeeriously beautiful and the greatest way to start my day

Fresh eyebrows

Something about getting my eyebrows freshly waxed just makes my heart smile!! seriously …. can’t stop looking at myself lols

New lingerie

ladies really … does this even need an explanation??? If you wanna feel like a serious girl boss, I highly suggest picking yourself up a killer lingerie set!


There really is nothing more spring-like than daisies, amiright??

Chunky Blankets

Cuddling up under a giant soft chunky knit blanket – serious heart eyes here

Tea Cups

The collection of cute little girly tea cups I have under my counter is actually insane – seriously, ask my boyfriend. he’d agree.

Lazy Sundays

Grabbing that chunky blanket, parking myself on the sofa and having a Netflix marathon is definitely something to be happy about!!

Happy Easter babes! I hope you eat aaaaalll the chocolate

♥ J

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