How to Kickstart Your Mornings

How to Kickstart Your Mornings

Sleeping in is one of my favourite pastimes. Yep – Past Times as in hasn’t really happened for a good year and a half. Being a student, running a website, taking part in my schools greek life, trying to hit the gym every day and all the other fun stuff that comes with my new found adult life makes sleeping in very difficult to do. Gone are the days of lazing around in bed until noon and I am absolutely gutted about it!!! That being said, I think i’ve found some amazing ways to kickstart my mornings and although I can’t say i’m a full blown morning person yet, I do think i’m well on my way! If you’re anything like me, trust me – you need these tips in your life!!

Give Yourself Something to Look Forward To

It’s the little things that count, and sometimes giving yourself a little something extra in the mornings to look forward to can make getting out of bed that much easier. Now, when your alarm goes off instead of thinking “ugh great, I have to get out of bed” you’ll be thinking “yes!! I get to try that new lipstick today!!”. I love to have a little pre-made breakky waiting for me in the fridge.

Open those blinds & Windows

Yes, I know – the sunlight!!! It burns!! Sorry honey but get over it – let those sun beams on in and if the weather’s nice out, why not open up those windows as well?? Brightening up the room and letting some fresh air in really helps to lift my spirits and get rid of those groggy, sleepy thoughts.

Start with a glass of cold water

Trust me, i know how tempting coffee can be first thing in the morning and I’d be lying if I told you I don’t like to pick up a cheeky lil Caramel Macchiato most mornings, but starting your day off with a cold glass of water really is the way to go. It helps to get your brain feeling as wide awake as possible, and has actually been proven to help make your skin look super refreshed and healthy!!

Don’t Touch your Electronics

I know this is a hard one – even I find myself scrolling through twitter like it’s the morning news – maybe we can work on this one together!! Don’t start your day by bombarding your brain with all of your techies, it actually slows you down! How many times do you get distracted by Instagram or Twitter and end up lying around in bed instead of doing the 345645534 other things you have to do?? I find myself way more focused if I leave my phone on the charger until i’m fully ready to go in the mornings

Skin Care Routine

This is one of my favourite, and actually falls under one of my things to look forward to in the mornings! Taking the extra time to do a little bit of morning self-pampering really really really makes a huge difference! Not only is it super healthy for your skin, but it also really helps to wake you up and help you feel super refreshed and ready to face the day!!

That’s all for now babes, what’s your favourite ways to kickstart your day???

♥ J

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