7 Things I Love Sunday

7 Things I Love Sunday

Hey babes, happy Sunday and a very happy mother’s day to all the beautiful mama’s out there!!! In celebration of this wonderful holiday I thought I would kick off a new series called 7 Thing’s I Love Sunday’s!

I don’t think i’m alone in saying that Sunday is my fav day of the week, if all the days were family members Sunday would be the cool uncle that’s super chill and down for anything lol! This is my day to relax – most of the time i’m kicking it in my pjs all day and I either lay back and movie marathon with the boyfriend, or I slowly make my way through a list of to do’s around the house. Whatever it is that i’m doing, let me just say that I think I am THE definition of Lazy girl Sunday’s and I love every second of it! With that, I thought what better way to celebrate this great day than sharing with you guys 7 things that i’ve been absolutely loving throughout the week?!


With spring in full bloom, what a lovely time to break out the lighter more feminine looking pjs?? My boyfriend likes to get at me for my HUGE collection but I mean … you can never have too many pretty pjs … right?! Here are some gorgeous sets that have seriously caught my eye!!



This may be strange but I have a serious romance going on with my duvet this week. I’ve just been super sluggish and sleepy and i’ve had a lot of cuddle time with Callie the kitten and my super soft, super warm duvet !


This is my fav movie right now – i’ve memorized the entire soundtrack and watched it too many times than i’d like to admit!


One of my fav flowers – these have got me seriously feeling spring this week


Donnie and I moved into our new apartment in October so we didn’t get to fully enjoy all our balcony had to offer before it got cold and dreary out. With the weather warming up i’ve spent a LOT of time sitting out on the patio – i’m a bit obsessed really. Soaking up all the rays I can because I know summer’s gonna fly by. Lately i’ve especially been loving watching the sun set out there, there’s just something so peaceful about being able to end my day with a beautiful view & and I just can’t get enough


If you follow my Instagram, you already know how in love I am with fabfitfun! This company is honestly almost too good to be true but i’ve been subscribed to them for a year now and lemme tell ya – it’s DEFINITELY true!! This company is a huge reason for my smiles this week because they’ve officially begun selling their 2018 Summer box and it’s going to be EPIC!! Fabfitfun is a subscription box that sends out a box stuffed full of the seasons best 4 times a year (spring, summer, fall, and winter) for only $49.99 per box! This week they announced their first 3 spoilers and holy crapola has it got me excited!! I couldn’t make this post and NOT share this with you guys – I honestly think everyone should hop on this band wagon if i’m honest – sooo much love for fabfitfun! If you’re interested in joining you can do so >> here << and use the code HEATWAVE to get $10 off your first box!!


Despite the INSANE spike in gas prices, I still love a good old fashioned joy ride every once in a while. Road trips are kinda my thing and now that the weather has been getting so much nicer i’ve really been enjoying long drives down the canal.

What are some of the things you’ve been absolutely loving this week???

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