How To Step Up Your Instagram Game Now!

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Okay ladies let’s talk Instagram!

Whether you’re a blogger, biz owner, just starting out, or just down for the social media ride, I think there’s one thing we can all agree on and that is Instagram is where it’s at!!!

As a blogger, Instagram is probably my primary spot for self promoting and interacting with my readers and it has also played a huge part in growing my following. Needless to say, I have some major heart eyes for the gram! I wouldn’t call myself an absolute pro yet BUT since i’ve started out i’ve picked up a few tips & tricks that have seriously stepped up my gram game and i’ve seen a huge increase in followers and blog traffic and i’ve been dying to share with you guys!! So, without further adieu, here are 6 ways to step up your insta game NOW!!


This is key guys! Keeping things consistent shows your followers that you’re here for the long haul and you aren’t gonna disappear any time soon! Having a steady feed helps to establish a loyal and trusting audience which is important when it comes to selling products and doing bigger advice-like posts. A trusting audience is super important to ANY blogger! I try and post up to three times a week BUT i’m also engaging with my followers on the daily through my instagram stories and commenting on their posts! I find planning my posts in advance helpful when it comes to keeping things consistent – I try and have at least two posts planned in advance!


No, i’m not talking about showing off that rockin’ bod all over your feed. I’m talking about the FEEL of your page! What does it look like??? What’s your theme?? It’s super important to make sure that your page is visually appealing – it really helps to catch the attention of potential new followers and businesses! I really struggled with this at first – I felt like there was a lot of pressure to create a super chic / hipster theme for my Instagram and to say it didn’t work out would be a huge understatement. Yes, your Instagram should be visually appealing and consistent BUT it should also reflect YOU!! Don’t feel pressured to have it looking like everyone else’ in fact you WANT it to be super unique! I’ve created a theme for myself by posting photos with similar colour schemes as well as using the exact same filter for all but it still reflects my bubbly & playful personality and it is far from perfect! You can check it out >> here <<  ! It’s also important to make sure you have beautiful high quality photos only which thanks to technology isn’t hard to do now a days – I tend to use my iPhone 8 Plus for my Instagram pics and the quality is perf!

Instagram Followers


There’s absolutely no shame in posting about sponsored content or affiliate links, especially since blogging IS a job and source of income. However you DO NOT want to go overboard!! Your followers WILL get annoyed and it will be harder to keep them around. It’s important to connect on a personal level and post about other things as well as your sponsored content.


I’m not saying NO selfies, I mean I love a good duck face as much as the next girl, but switching things up sometimes makes a huge difference and helps to create a nice aesthetic for your feed! A nice candid photo is a great alternative (and my fav go to) if you’re feeling a bit stuck on what to post! Use instagram as an opportunity to give a lil sneak peak of your upcoming posts if you’re a blogger like I did >> here << ! This helps to get people excited about your content and I notice a huge difference in engagement once the post goes live when I have people already on the look out and excited about it!


Back in the day it was all the rage to use apps like photogrid to create a white background for your pics and avoid the annoying zooming in that instagram used to do. I get it and I used to do it but truth is even though you now have a killer pic, your overall feed looks choppy and inconsistent and that’s what people see first when they come across your page. The good news is that instagram DOESN’T zoom into everyone’s pics anymore unless you choose to have it do so, so the white out apps aren’t necessary, hurrah!! Avoiding using these apps keeps things looking consistent and fresh like we talked about earlier! 


This is probably one of the most important tips for bloggers. Engage with your followers, let them get to know you on a personal level and try to get to know them as well!! Include questions in your captions to make them feel involved – ask them how their day is going, what are THEIR go to skin care products?? Along with being super consistent in your posts, this helps in creating that trusting and loyal audience we talked about! In addition to engaging my followers through my posts and stories, I like to take time out of my day to reply to my followers posts and I also like to reach out to new followers when I can! I think it’s super important to to make your audience feel like you’re available and open to them – it makes them more likely to participate and follow you in your future blogging endeavours! It’s important for people to know that there’s a very real person behind the screen!


Ever see those beautiful vintage looking photos on insta? This app has all you need to brighten, clarify and improve your pics and ALSO has a “dust” option to have them looking super beautiful and vintage!   

No explanation necessary here i’m sure, my fav feature on VSCO is being able to preset all my editing options so it’s hella super easy to get a consistent theme going

Another personal fav editing app!!

A Design Kit
I like the idea of using the one for blog photos as well as Instagram! It lets you write on your posts and draw similar to what you can do on your Instagram Stories

This app is AMAZING for prescheduling posts which helps me keep things super consistent! You can also use it to preview how your feed will look before actually posting a new photo!

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Talk soon!


disclaimer: *this post may include affiliate links. I may receive a small percentage of purchases made from links on my post at NO additional cost to you! This only makes it easier for me to keep sharing these amazing products with you guys AND I would never promote brands or products that I don’t absolutely love!!!

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