How to Get Inspired – And STAY That Way

How to Get Inspired – And STAY That Way

Hey babes, it’s been a hot freaking minute since i’ve been able to sit down and write and i’m so so sorry about it! To be honest i’ve found myself in a bit of a writing rut and working through some personal issues has really made it super difficult for me to get inspired. It’s just been a whirlwind of grown up frustrations the past couple weeks and i’ve had to take some me time to collect my thoughts and work on my own mental health.

BUT i’m back and i’m feeling better than ever and i’ve been working hard at some great new content for you! I thought we’d kick the weekend off with a super positive post all about inspiration to get the creative juices flowing!!

I know how hard it can be to get yourself inspired whether it be to create your own social media content, jump hard into school or just to get out of bed in the morning! Trust me I’VE BEEN THERE – I think we all have! Here are some of the ways i’ve been getting inspired lately – I hope you find them useful!

Clear away distractions

Life is full of em – phones, friends, school, chores, bills … the list goes on and on. I find it super helpful to take some time away from all of my distractions (yep, even my boyfriend and kitty) sometimes. The world can get on without you for ONE hour or so! Go for a hike! Maybe even go to the gym or a walk by the water. Leave your phone at home and just go for some serious YOU time away from it all! It really does help to clear your head of all mental distractions as well as the physical and just take a little bit of time away from it all. When I find myself in a little writing rut I like to walk down by the canal by my house. Going over and over things and staring at a blank screen does nothing but frustrate me even more which makes things less likely to get flowing

Find New Surroundings

I typically do all of my writing at home in my little office corner but lately i’ve found a little change in scenery really helps me out! Taking things out to the park, or to the beach and writing by the water or even just out on your patio – anything helps! I love to write outside, something about being out in the beautiful weather gets me feeling extremely warm and fuzzy on the inside which seems to help me get inspired as well!

Write it Down

If creativity just isn’t coming to you try not to get too frustrated! Even the most creative people I know get into ruts sometimes so don’t be too hard on yourself!! I find it useful to just spill out everything i’m thinking, all of my ideas even if they don’t make sense onto paper. I find it helpful to write instead of typing at this stage, some of you may prefer otherwise and there’s absolutely nothing wrong with that either, I just find my brain more focused when I have pen to paper! Sometimes I make charts like we used to in elementary school, sometimes I make it super pretty and colourful I mean whatever floats your boat really! Just get all of your ideas out there even the smallest most simplest ones and I promise things will begin to come together! There really is NOTHING wrong with starting small!

Make a Goals List

More often than not I have mornings where my bed is just a little too comfy and my entire day just goes right out the window … in fact I have WEEKS like this! Girl do NOT fall into this habit, make a physical goals list for the day – make it bright and beautiful and make sure it’s somewhere visible! Look your excuses dead in the eye and take pride in the fact that you’ve begun to check things off your list, maybe even give yourself a little reward at the end – ice cream anyone??? Seriously you don’t need to be five to get excited over ice cream am I right??

Ask Around

Sometimes all it takes is a little bit of a different perspective, and I cannot say this enough – there is NOTHING wrong with asking for help sometimes!

Don’t be a perfectionist

This is the most difficult one for me but once you let go of yourself and stop expecting everything you do to be perfect, you’ll find things come so much easier! Don’t be so afraid of failure and take chances! Beautiful things really do have a habit of coming from imperfections!

What are some of your favourite ways to get inspired ?? I’d love to hear from you!

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