Summer 2018 Bucket List

Summer 2018 Bucket List

It’s here!! Summer has finally arrived in all it’s sun tanning, pool sitting, ice cream cone melting glory and I couldn’t be more over the moon about it!! Has anyone else had a summer bucket list lying around the house since January or is that just me ?? Either way, I thought I would celebrate how absolutely gorg the weather has been lately by sharing with you my Summer 2018 bucket list – I hope it inspires you guys to get out and soak up those rays!! I mean you’re only young once am I right??

Go to the Zoo

I mean really, who doesn’t love the zoo?! It really takes me back to when I was younger and who doesn’t love spending a day being a kid again?? 

DIY patio furniture

I’m not the craftiest person in the world but i’m thinking of starting on the simpler side like a flower planter or something lol! Either way, how adorable is it to have your own homemade furniture to spruce up the patio a little bit? Add some colour to your life babes!

Picnic on the beach

Did somebody say food?? A Picnic anywhere really and I am there!

Go to a water park / amusement park

I dunno about you, but this girl is a serious ride warrior, I really could ride them all day long. Seasonal fairs are pretty high on my things I love list but an amusement park with some hard core rides sounds absolutely perfect to me right about now! And i’m sorry but in my opinion, you’re never too young to attend a water park!

Attend a baseball game

Nothing says summer like a foot long hot dog and a baseball hat

Make homemade sangria

Personally I could drink sangria any time of year, not just summer – but what better time to try and home made recipe than the season of sunshine??

Do a wine tour

I live smack in the middle of wine country so it would be some kind of sin not to take advantage of the beautiful wineries that are in the area while the weather is warm. Last summer I tried a chilled sparkling Merlot and ladies lemme tell ya it was sent straight from the heavens! I’m not one for red wine but this one from Jackson Triggs has a special place in my heart! One thing i’ve yet to do however is a wine tour!!

Go to a drive in movie

Classic & timeless! Load up your car with pillows and blankets and spend a night at the drive in with your honey or your friends!

Rent Bikes

I haven’t ridden a bike since I was probably about 14 years old but i’ve been dying to buy one! My house is kind of in the middle of a fairly touristy area and one of the perks is bike rental stations and lots of beautiful trails!

Hike the Niagara Gorge

This is a must for me! I really haven’t seen anything quite like the Niagara gorge before. Its beautiful and the water is so blue and hiking the trail is a SERIOUS workout if I ever did do one lol! But the hike is so so worth the view!


Hope you’re all soakin’ up the sun and enjoying your Summer so far! What’s on your bucket list this year???

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