Living On Your Own 101

Living On Your Own 101

Okay guys and gals today we’re all about being out on your own for the first time! My boyfriend and I have been living together for about a year now, but that doesn’t mean I forget the exciting and downright terrifying feeling of living away from my mum for the first time ever! I mean I had done my fair share of sleep away camps growing up but nothing really compares to that feeling of your parents driving away from you after moving you into a new apartment or dorm (seriously I cried for like an hour after she left).

Whether you’re a crier like I was or completely 100% just happy to finally have the freedom there are definitely some thing’s you gotta know before being out in the world on your own! 

August is quickly coming to a close and school will be back in session soon so to all of my babes out there who are about to leave for college or university – this ones for you!


If we’re being honest, a home cooked meal takes a lot more time than you would think and makes a lot more mess and let’s be real, it’ll never taste quite the same as your mums but it is nice to have something other than KD every once in a while. The first year of living on my own I lived off of anything I could heat up quickly which included a lot of pasta and frozen dinners. No surprise I gained a bit of weight and I was NOT impressed. I get that eating healthy can be difficult when you’re on a budget but taking the time to look into quick & healthy recipes can save yourself a few pounds and save your taste buds the exhaustion of having the same thing over and over


Seriously … don’t do it! You’ll end up buying aaaaaallll the bacon and nothing with any nutrients which is important even for a super independent 20 year old!! I know it sounds a bit ridiculous but doing groceries on your own for the first time can be daunting. I highly suggest making a list in advance and bring a friend for moral support! Stick to that list gf!!!


I was not prepared for this one people but yes, you are going to have to put on your big girl pants and kill a few spiders while living on your own … no more parents or brothers to kill those gross creepy crawlies for you! Prepare yourself now gf!!


My first year living alone I bought all the shoes and not too much of anything else actually important. Yep, eventually I found myself sitting in my property managers office explaining why I couldn’t pay my rent on time and I really don’t think i’ve ever been more mortified. Not a great feeling friends – make a budget for yourself and stick to it. Physically write it out – make it bright and colourful and beautiful and keep it somewhere visible!!


Believe it or not, houses don’t magically clean themselves. As much as I wish it weren’t true, mum fairies don’t follow you around for the rest of your life to clean up your messy mess. It can be so tempting to look at your dirty dishes and say “eh, i’ll do it later” and then later comes and all you’ve done is create more dishes. Things pile up friends, make sure you stay on top of things or you’re gonna look up and find you have an entire 24 hours worth of cleaning and tidying to do – my worst nightmare. 


Or any other store like it. Here in Ontario that might include Winners! Either way, Winners and Marshalls has been my wonderland since i’ve been out on my own. Not only do they have super cute clothes and accessories for more than affordable prices, but they also have some of the cutest homeware stuff i’ve ever seen in my life!! If you’re looking to spruce up that apartment on a budget I highly suggest you pay Winners or Marshalls a visit.


This one may not be for everyone, but not having my mum around to remind me of important dates or our big family calendar in the kitchen to walk by every morning was a bit of an adjustment. You’re going to have to learn to take responsibility for keeping track of your appointments etc and if you’re away for school this might be overwhelming. I absolutely adore my Kate Spade 13 Month Day Planner that I started using in my first year of university. Not only does it keep my mile long to do lists in order but have you seen how adorable they are?!


At the end of the day, however scary it can be this is the time in your life to try new things and really find yourself as a person. You may already be well on your way down this road, or maybe not but either way it’s important to get yourself out there and take chances and just be young.

Sending all the love your way

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