15 Ways to Get Ready For Fall

15 Ways to Get Ready For Fall


The weather has gotten a little cooler, the trees have gotten a little more colourful and ya girl has gotten A LOT bit happier. Fall is in the air friends, and if you’re anything like me you’ve been rejoicing at the let up in heat and already switched your summer shorts out for your cozy fall sweaters. Now I know you’ve all been enjoying some good old PSL, but other than drowning ourselves in all things pumpkin, how else can we get ourselves ready for fall? Girl – I got you covered! Sit back, pull up your fav cozy blanket, sip some tea and enjoy my top 15 ways to get ready for fall!!

  1. First thing’s first … throw away those razors gf. Sweater weather means pants and pants means no more shaving every other day! *insert video of happy dance here**
  2. Get those fuzzy blankets out for the couches
  3. Go for all the spicy scented candles – pumpkin spice, apple spice, cinnamon spice – if it says spice, grab it!
  4. Place said candles over every square inch of your house … ok ok thats an exaggeration, I usually buy one candle for every room
  5. Practice your chilli making! Nothing says cozy fall evening like chilli for dinner. Major heart eyes!
  6. Give your social media a little autumnal make over – I changed my highlight covers to more fall colours to match my new autumnal theme!
  7. Plaid, plaid, plaid, plaid
  8. Bust out the fluffy, cozy duvet and change up the cover if you’re feeling super festive
  9. Get yourself some Baileys. Nothing says warm and fuzzy like some Baileys in your coffee or hot chocolate. (PSA: This weekend I discovered pumpkin spice baileys… yeah you heard me right!)
  10. Bust out the dark berry lipsticks ladies!
  11. Stock up on bath bombs
  12. Google all the different ways to bake pumpkin into stuff
  13. Make a list of fall / halloween movies to watch
  14. Hit up Michael’s for all the best fall crafting and home decor items

Happy first week of fall babes – I hope you’re all enjoying it as much as I am! What are some of your fav ways to get into the autumnal mood? 

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