How to Reduce Stress Over the Holidays

How to Reduce Stress Over the Holidays

There are so many things I love about the Christmas season from skating and hot chocolate to dancing around the house to the sweet sweet sound of Michael Bublé. Christmas is the time to embrace loved ones and walk around town looking at the festive lights and for the most part it really does just seem like the whole world is HAPPY!
That being said, the holidays do have the ability to bring out the best in people, but also a very large capacity for bringing out the worst. For some more than others, Christmas can be an extremely stressful time with the pressure to find the perfect gift and trying and squeeze in just one more Christmas party, and being forced to make nice with that family member that just always knows the right wrong thing to say. Christmas really is my fav time of year, but even I can use some de-stressing tips when it comes to this very very busy season. So grab a hot chocolate, add some Baileys and enjoy 5 ways to reduce stress over the holidays;

Write Down Everything

This seems overly simple, but you’d be surprised what keeping an organizer and writing everything down will do. Especially when you have 65479824 people to buy for, keeping a (very hidden) list of names and gifts can keep you from getting too scatter brained over the season. I adore my Kate Spade day planner where I keep my list of prezzies and document all of my to-do’s over December. May no Christmas party be forgotten!!!

Embrace Simplicity

People tend to get this idea in their heads that everything about Christmas needs to be extravagant and perfect. This cannot be more wrong! Check out Pinterest for some of the most adorable ways to dress up brown paper packaging for your gifts, and I don’t know about you but DIY prezzies are always appreciated and adored in my books. So often, it’s your presence that people enjoy rather than the big bows and flashy packaging, or even fancy gifts. Christmas is about so much more than things.

Be Realistic

Try and be realistic with what you have. I know that i’m super guilty of wanting to go way overboard when it comes to Christmas presents and I find myself in some serious financial trouble come January because of it. Know your limits and just do what you can! 

Don’t Forget About Your Healthy Habits

I know it’s easier said than done, but while you’re running around worrying about everyone else this Christmas please don’t forget to be taking a little while out of your day to take care of yourself! Don’t forget about those healthy habits you’ve been working so hard to keep, it’s important to keep your physical and mental health in tact throughout the season.

Don’t be Afraid to Say No

This is a big one. There’s so many things going on all at once – so many events, so many sales to meet, so many Christmas deadlines. With all the parties and dinners and wish lists, don’t forget that you can say no. It is super unrealistic to think that you can make it out to every single little thing, or get someone absolutely everything on their list. You’re only human and that is okay. Never feel obligated to do something you can’t or don’t want to do!

I feel like in this day and time it’s easy to get caught up in all the flashiness of Christmas and it’s easy to lose sight of what’s important. I promise your family will love you no matter how much you spend on their gifts. Don’t forget to enjoy this time, breathe, and always believe in magic

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