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Self confidence has always been something i’ve kind of struggled with. Recently i’ve been looking back at old pictures and memories and realizing i’m super nostalgic for who I “used to be” or what I “used to look like”, even from just last year. I’ve come to the realization that time moves quickly and before you know it you’re looking back and wishing you looked a bit more like you used to, or acted a bit more like you did back when. Here’s the thing, I really believe it’s important to embrace your perfect self NOW and in this moment. Easier said than done, right? Let’s talk about how to build CONFIDENCE!

My first and number one tip to help build self confidence is to do a social media cleanse. No, i’m not saying you need to take a break from all your socials but that doesn’t change the fact that social media really does have a tendency to tear people down. That being said, i’ve also found that it has a really amazing ability to bring people together and instil positivity and joy as well. A little while ago I decided I was going to unfollow toxic people on instagram and honestly it was the best thing I could have done for myself. Comparison is *so* toxic and instagram really does make it all too easy. My advice? Only follow people on your socials that make you feel positivity and self love. Follow people you would invite into your house and hang out with, not someone you’d feel uncomfortable around.

Whatever journey you’re on, whether it be weight loss, self love or learning 

something new, make sure you’re setting realistic and attainable goals for yourself. You want to set yourself up for success – there really is nothing worse than feeling like you’re ‘failing’ time and time again. Baby steps are so important and you truly will feel better when you start to see gradual improvement!

Something so many of us do and that usually goes unnoticed or unaddressed is negative self-talk. We need to learn to kill the negative thoughts and it starts with being aware of how we talk about ourselves. This was a huge one for me. Until someone pointed it out to me I never really realized how harsh I was towards myself. Try and become more aware of how you speak about yourself and think more positively. For every negative thought, try and match it with a more positive one.

Brace yourself for this corny one; start each and every day with a positive thought. Oooohh the cheese! This really has proven to be so beneficial for me though. Try your best to start your day as calmly and positively as possible – pick one thing about yourself that you absolutely love and focus on that.

The thing about confidence is it’s not going to come to you over night. It’s something you’ll really have to work on, as I still do every single day but these tips have helped me come a really long way and I hope they’ll do the same for you. Remember that the world is nothing without diversity – if we were all to be the same ‘perfect’ person I mean how boring would that be? Why would you want to be anybody other than YOU!

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