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So you want to start your own blog?! Congrats Sista!! Blogging has been so important to my mental health and overall wellbeing over the last year and i’m so excited for you to start this journey! Starting your own blog or biz can be so much fun and super exciting, but it can also be very overwhelming at the same time. Today I wanted to share with all you babes my most valuable blogging tip that I wish I knew when I was first starting out just because duh it would be rude not to share!

In my opinion, the most crucial thing you can do for yourself as a new blogger is be PROFESSIONAL even if you’re brand spankin’ new and have not a single page view yet. You have to treat your site like it’s the most professional, most posh, most wonderful thing you’ve ever laid eyes on right from the get go! When I first started out, I had the mentality of a beginner in the sense that I kept telling myself I would get around to doing things once I had more views, or once I got a bigger following or more interaction from my readers. I felt kind of silly promoting my blog and taking it as seriously as I wanted to since I didn’t think I had a big enough following yet. I’m going to let you in on a little secret – those page views you’re watching every day? You are the only person who is seeing those my love and people who come across your page really don’t have any way of knowing how many others have come across your page that day, the only thing that matters to them is that they are there!

I know it can be daunting to put money into your site, especially if you don’t have a following yet and you’re not sure if it’s really going to work out. Here’s what i’ve learned;

if you take it seriously enough and if you’re persistent enough it will work out for you! Spending some money on certain things really does make all the difference in creating a professional feel to your website.

I have my website with so that I have the ability to be self-hosted. What is self hosting you ask? It simply means that you’re hiring a hosting company to store the beautifully crafted website you’re going to design! It also means that you have the ultimate freedom to be as creative as you wish with your site and gets rid of limitations on your layout. My fav perk with being self-hosted is that your domain goes from to A lot more professional looking, amiright?!

I use SiteGround as my hosting site because of the AMAZING customer support they provide. I’ve used their 24/7 live chat whenever I have any issues regarding my site and they’re always super informative and friendly!! Their super fast speeds and extremely affordable prices make it worth the purchase! You really do just keep winning with SiteGround AND rates start at $3.95 with my link!

Your theme matters and your content matters so make sure you’re writing with CONFIDENCE even if you are new to things. Making your site look and feel as professional as possible as early on as possible will help attract people to your site and keep them coming back for sure!

All in all, blogging is definitely a learning curve and there are things that you simply have to ease into and even if you’re feeling lost at first, you will get the hang of things! Some lucky few have big success with their blogs very early on, but i’ll be honest with you it does take a while, sometimes up to a year or more, to really start seeing action so be patient and persistent! Everyone has different experiences and that is more than okay!

A little bonus tip for you, HAVE FUN WITH IT! I can totally understand getting lost in the tips & tricks, the in’s and out’s and all the do’s and don’ts of blogging but don’t forget why you started your blog / biz in the first place. Make sure to be true to yourself and have fun with your posts!

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disclaimer: *this post includes affiliate links. I may receive a small percentage of purchases made from links on my post at NO additional cost to you! This only makes it easier for me to keep sharing these amazing products with you guys AND I would never promote brands or products that I don’t absolutely love!!!

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