Beginners Guide to Goal Setting

Beginners Guide to Goal Setting

I think it’s super healthy to keep your mind sharp and setting new goals for yourself can be a great way to gradually push yourself to new heights! But where, you ask, do you even start?! It’s funny how something that seems so simple can actually be such a challenge. So if you’ve ever found yourself wanting to try something new, or trying to set new goals for yourself and continuously falling off the bandwagon, know that you are NOT alone! Here are some of my fav tips on goal setting!

Set a REALISTIC & Attainable Goal

There is no need for a 0-100 mentality … in fact, it’s completely unreasonable. You have to set yourself up for SUCCESS rather than failure. If you don’t take baby steps you’re more likely to see much less progress than you’d like and you’re more likely to give up sooner.

Weekly Check In’s

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Keep up with your progress weekly! Keeping yourself accountable is absolutely key. If you fall off the bandwagon don’t panic and **do not** give up!!

Be as Specific as Possible

Try not to be too broad with your goals. Instead of saying you want to up your social media game, try aiming for 1,000 instagram followers, or maybe 100 new names on your blog mailing list! This reduces the likelihood of frustration and allows you to clearly see progress. Once you hit one milestone, set another and continue until you’ve reached your end goal. 

Progress is just as valuable as results

You may not have reached your end goal as quickly as you wanted to but that doesn’t mean you haven’t gained something. Seeing progress is just as valuable as getting results – baby steps are still steps my friends. You may not be getting there as quickly as you wanted to, or as fast as somebody else perhaps has but that doesn’t mean you’re not doing enough. As long as you’re moving in the right direction, you’re winning in my books!

Leave room for Flexibility

Things don’t always go according to plan – such is life! Make sure you account for the fact that sometimes you’ll have to rework your plan in order to accommodate for unforeseen circumstances. Allow yourself to be flexible!!

Monitor Your Mental Health

This may be an unpopular opinion, but don’t take yourself too seriously. Remember you’re only human and allow yourself to make mistakes. Nobody (and I do mean nobody!!) is perfect, even if they look seem like they have it all together. Everyone struggles so you’re not alone – go easy on yourself!


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