15 Things To Do This November

15 Things To Do This November

Well babes it’s finally that time of year … the season
of “is it too early to start listening to Christmas music?”. November is kind of a weird in between month where we aren’t really certain whether we should be indulging in our first Ferrero Rocher’s or leaving our pumpkins out for another week or two. I’ll be honest, i’m the kind of person who’s itching to throw my Christmas tree up at the very first glimpse of November, but i’ve reluctantly learned to control myself (more like Donnie’s talked me out of it every year). So what is it then that we should be doing during this odd little in between month? The good news is that there’s a whole slew of super cozy, appropriately festive things we can be doing to get ready for the Christmas season without embracing it too much. Here are 15 of my fav things to do this November.

Whatever you guys get up to this month, I hope your days are filled with so much cozy comfiness and allll the hot chocolate your heart desires. Let me know in the comments what your all time fav thing to do in the fall is!

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