How to Stay Sane While Social Distancing

How to Stay Sane While Social Distancing

Raise your hand if you’ve been sitting in your jimmy jams on the couch for about three weeks now?! Raise them again if you’re going out of your freaking mind!

We’re seeing something these days that I can honestly say I never could have imagined in my wildest dreams. COVID-19 has been spreading globally like wildfire and i’m not gonna lie to you, it’s kind of terrifying. I solute those of you who are still out there busting your butts to make sure our communities run as best they can, we would truly be lost without you!

If you’re like me however, you’ve been cooped up for a couple of weeks at this point and while the first week or so was kind of like a sweet little vacation where I was free to sleep till noon and drink at any hour of the day, this last little while has had me on the verge of insanity. This quarantine business has me finally crawling out of the blogging abyss, into my most comfy cozies and onto the couch to share with you some things we can all practice in order to keep sane while social distancing!

Use all this me time to GROW yourself!

We all have that list we keep meaning to see to … you know … the list of things we keep telling ourselves we’ll get around to trying but haven’t actually gotten around to doing? Whether it’s taking up a new hobby or learning a second language, take advantage of all this free time and try something NEW! Take some online classes, take to pinterest and learn to craft/paint something (even if you suck as hard as I do at first lol), or maybe check in with some of your old youtube favs and try some new hairstyles or makeup tutorials! Whatever your cup of tea might be, take this as an opportunity to really attend to your own personal needs and goals.

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Get to know yourself

Journalling is something i’ve practiced my whole life – when everything around me gets super confusing and fuzzy, writing everything down tends to help. When i’m not able to actually talk something out with another person, writing out my thoughts often sends me in the right direction!

Take advantage of social media

We’re lucky enough in this day and age that even though we’re alone, we don’t really have to feel lonely. Take advantage of things like google hangouts or zoom to keep in touch with your friends and family you aren’t able to be close to. I’ve been so lucky to have a great group of friends who have been keeping in touch daily through socials and keeping me tethered to the real world. Use things like online play to challenge your friends to some of your fav games! Confession; we recently got a Nintendo Switch and most of my free time (which is ALL of it) has been spent playing Animal Crossing and Mario Kart …. who’s with me?

Get a little Lost 

Whether it be on a long drive or in a good book, take a little time to escape for a while. Two of my most favourite things to do when everything is getting to be a bit too much is to go for a long drive or dive into a great book. Sometimes it helps to just get out of your own head. 

I hope you’re all staying safe and healthy, and would love to hear how you’re keeping sane during these super strange times. 

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