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The Inside Scoop: My New Tattoo

I’ve been absolutely bursting with excitement waiting to share this post with you guys and here it finally is on the 1 year anniversary of getting it – the inside…


Books to Cozy up with This Fall

I’ve always been one to enjoy a good read, but something about the fall weather has me even more likely to be found cuddled up on the porch with a…


September Letter from FTS

Can someone please explain to me how it’s already September?! This is usually the time of year where I’m getting ready to jump into my warm fuzzies and pull out…


How to Stay Sane While Social Distancing

Raise your hand if you’ve been sitting in your jimmy jams on the couch for about three weeks now?! Raise them again if you’re going out of your freaking mind!…


15 Things To Do This November

Well babes it’s finally that time of year … the season of “is it too early to start listening to Christmas music?”. November is kind of a weird in between…


Beginners Guide to Goal Setting

I think it’s super healthy to keep your mind sharp and setting new goals for yourself can be a great way to gradually push yourself to new heights! But where,…


Top 8 Cozy Fall Date Ideas

It’s almost here babes … my all time – FAV – time of year. FALL! Call me basic but I absolutely adore everything about the fall from the pumpkin spice…


My Most Valuable Blogging Tip

So you want to start your own blog?! Congrats Sista!! Blogging has been so important to my mental health and overall wellbeing over the last year and i’m so excited…



Self confidence has always been something i’ve kind of struggled with. Recently i’ve been looking back at old pictures and memories and realizing i’m super nostalgic for who I “used…


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